Tiger Muskellunge Released in Montana Reservoir

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Postby psycho » Wed Oct 11, 2006 12:18 pm

any tiger muskie I have seen looks nothing like a Norther pike.. Tiger Muskies should have blue colored stripes...

When those muskie get big, they will be the king of the lake.. Muskie get much bigger than pike, and have been known to bite humans when they are swimming. I have caught numerous Northern pike and the biggest being 42", but Muskie are amazing.... I wish I could have gone muskie fishing more when I lived in Michigan.. The lake we lived on is like in the top 5 in the world for muskie fishing...

I remember my brother hooked one while walleye fishing.. It was the biggest fish I have ever seen. I know someone who caught a 40+lb 56" muskie and this thing looked even bigger than it... The thing was so big we could not fit it in a net and we didnt have a gaff hook. Even if we did have a gaff, chances are we wuld not have got it in to it... This thing was a fighter... I still can see it on the surface of the water swimming.. My brother had to intentionall break the line, because there was nothing we could do.. Wasnt anybody sticking their hand in there and grabbing that thing... I only wish we could have landed it... It would have made some fishing news....
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