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Longnose Gar

Postby bodean9 » Sun Aug 04, 2013 5:51 am

Ethan and I went fishing today below the steam plant in Cumberland City, TN. An older gentleman caught a Longnose Gar. It was 38 inches long, so we walked down to see if we could help. He just wanted it off his line. Ethan and I both volunteered to take the hook off at the same time, but luckily I had the hook out before Ethan went 50 feet for the plyers.

Ethan and I cooked up a 4 inch long piece of the Longnose Gar and it was really good! We fried it like Catfish, but it didn't have the flakiness of most fish. It had a mild fish taste, but tasted more like and had the texture of chicken (you know everything is compared to chicken). We used the boneless strip down each of the sides of the Gar and didn't have to gut the fish, but we did have to use tin snips to cut through the skin and tough scales. The rest is in the freezer until our next fish fry.

The bottom half of this gars jaw had been broken off and healed.

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