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Dog Day At The Park

PostPosted: Sat May 15, 2010 10:28 pm
by Todd
Our town had a "Dogapalooza" at one of our parks today. It was a day to bring dogs to the park, they had a dog show, demonstrations, vendor boths and things like that, we had a pretty good time.

PetCo, a pet store I have only been to once, was having a raffle for dog food, the tickets were $3. I bought 1 ticket and won (2) 36 lb bags of Eukanuba German Shepard Formula Dry Dog Food, and (3) 7 lb bags of Eukanuba German Rottweiler dog food. The total value was about $150!

Pretty darn good deal for $3. I was a little worried about whether she would like it because she is a little picky, but I gave her some when we got home, and she went right to work emptying the bowl.