Illegal Aliens Rescued Big Bend National Park

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Illegal Aliens Rescued Big Bend National Park

Postby Todd » Wed Jun 22, 2011 3:52 pm

Big Bend National Park (TX)
Several Undocumented Aliens Rescued, One Dies

On the morning of Wednesday, June 15th a park employee was flagged down by three Mexican nationals, all undocumented aliens, at a spot about a mile-and-a-half north of the international border along the Rio Grande. They said that that'd been walking for several days, that they were lost, and that they had run out of water the previous day and were exhausted and in need of help. They'd attempted to walk north into the U.S., but had turned around and headed back toward Mexico when the water ran out. Rangers responded, treated the three men, and called in the Border Patrol. Further inquiry led to the discovery that there had been seven people originally and that they'd separated as they became weaker. Rangers and agents set up a joint command and began a search for the other members of the group. Two were soon found, with one taken to Big Bend Regional Medical Center in a park ambulance. The search for the remaining pair continued through the day. This section of the park is mostly remote desert, and air temperatures peaked at 115 degrees. The search was suspended at night, then continued the next morning, focusing on a specific area based on interviews with other members of the group. The body of one person was found, but the other remains missing. Further investigation revealed that he was their paid guide or "coyote" and that he had abandoned the group early on and was likely back across the border in Mexico. All evidence suggests that this is probably what happened. The search was accordingly scaled back.
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