Forest homeowners face increased fees

Management, timber harvest, roadless issues

Forest homeowners face increased fees

Postby ~jeff~ » Sun Feb 15, 2009 2:45 am

Forest homeowners face increased fees

OCALA - The city might not rank high on the rat-race scale, relative to the other 300 metropolitan areas in the country.

Nonetheless, when Frank Amatea needs an escape, tranquility can be found in the Ocala National Forest.

"You know that place in everyone's life where they can just sit and find peace? For me, this is it," said Amatea, describing a 1,040-square-foot, three-bedroom cabin on a half-ace lot fronting Lake Kerr that he has owned for the last 28 years.

Amatea is among 172 owners of such cabins in Florida, 140 of them within the Ocala National Forest, that are part of a 94-year-old federal program to boost usage of America's national forests.

Yet come Jan. 1, 2010, Amatea
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