The Great 35 Whelen

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The Great 35 Whelen

Postby Charshooter » Sun Mar 25, 2007 6:14 pm

I have always thought highly of the 338 Win Mag and the 35 Whelen for hunting heavy game, like Elk and Moose. For me, the 35 Whelen is a very practical round, I experience the recoil to be about the same as my 300 with 225 grain loads and a little more of a push with the 250 grainers. While my box of Fail Safe 180 grain 300 Win mag states the round is good on bear and loin, I would rather use something larger if confronted by either of these beasts! I have shot large bears some years ago and I do believe 338 and 358 rounds are most effective on the largest bears, my husband once shot a loin with a 375, but so did Mrs. Charles O Conner with a 30-06.

The 35 Whelen is a nice backup gun to take on either an Elk hunt, or hunting in brush country for white tail with my lighter 308, while the 308 will do the job every time, the big 35 will not do it less well and it will not tear up any more meat than the smaller round. The same seems true with open country hunts, the 270 can get the job done, but the 300 will do it just as well and while both of these seem to tear up more meat at short ranges, the 300 does no more damage than the 270 Win. I do use heavy bullets for caliber; even my 30-30 uses 170 grain pills exclusively! While I like the 35 Whelen, I was surprised to read this.
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