TN: White County Chooses to Not Adopt Firing Range Restricti

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TN: White County Chooses to Not Adopt Firing Range Restricti

Postby Todd » Tue Jun 21, 2011 9:47 pm

Tennessee: White County Board of Commissioners Chooses to Not Adopt Firing Range Restrictions

Yesterday, the White County Commission met to discuss and vote on an anti-gun resolution regarding the future of new firing ranges within the county. Since no one offered a motion to vote on the resolution restricting gun ranges, this proposal is now considered dead.

The proposed anti-gun resolution, which was brought forth by Sheriff Oddie J. Shoupe, would have restricted new gun ranges by requiring at least one-mile, by direct line survey, from any residence. This would mean that the range would have to own or control approximately a one-mile radius containing 3.14 square miles of land, a requirement that is unrealistic and could be viewed as an obvious attempt to ban any future firing ranges within White County.

This anti-gun resolution could have banned all future ranges - public or private, including those on agricultural lands or recreational ranges often used for archery and paintball. The one-mile buffer zone would have set a dangerous precedent; it is restrictive and excessive even for existing Tennessee standards as the discharge of firearms while hunting is only limited to 100 yards.
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