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New Toy

Postby swampbuck » Thu Jun 10, 2010 11:13 am

Picked this up the other day.... Before you say AK look close... It's no AK it's a Czech made vz58.. They were made around the around the same time as the first AKs,but are totally different... The Czechs basically took the best of the AK and made it better. They are very simple and have less moving parts then the AK. They also have a slightly higher rate of fire. This a very well made copy of an original they normally sell for around $900 I picked this one up for $650 which includes $40 tax... It also came with 4 mags which do not interchange with AKs.. I bought a 1000rd case of ammo last year and 1260rds this year I am set for a while

:D :P


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