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Postby bryan » Tue Sep 19, 2006 10:26 pm

Back in the spring my daughter went to work with me to finish up a job in Overton Co. She came and told me there was a big cat that just walked through the yard. I asked what it looked like, she told me it was bigger than any cat she had ever seen. Well this week she has been doing a report on cougars, when we looked up some picures , she said that's the cat see saw. I said when, and she said when she went to work with me.
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Postby jonkayak » Wed Sep 20, 2006 5:42 am

Hi just found this forum. Add northeast Georgia to the list. I personaly saw one in 1999 while on a solo hike on a trail that has producded alot of wildlife that is difficult to spot in Georgia. It was up in Rabun County near clayton Georgia. At the time I didn't tell to many people I saw it cuase they would have called me crazy. I know the big cat well enough to know it wasn't a bobcat (no bobcat ever gets that big). It was quit a sight, there was not suppose to be any of them around here.

Until recently I was about the only one i knew in the area to spot one. A builder and avid hunter that I know was hunting on his land (about 700 acres) in 2005, in Jackson county when he heard an animal cry and screaming in a way he says he has never heard and could not beleave what he was hearing. After that he went to investagete what it was he heard, and thats when he came across the cat with the deer. For several months follow that he didn't let his childern play outdoor alone.

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Postby Phil » Thu Sep 21, 2006 1:35 pm

Welcome to the site jonkayak!!
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Postby paddlenut » Fri Mar 02, 2007 12:19 am

Memphis...first Manatee, now Cougar's?
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Postby ~jeff~ » Fri Mar 02, 2007 12:48 pm

Todd wrote:Jeff they could easily turn this into the east coasts version of the "wolf reintroduction".


I'm a little slow responding,
I had read this story before the post, the Naples paper had ran their version of it.
I'd just glanced at your header at first and moved along...

Yeah, ya gotta watch those sub-species comments.
They can get expensive for the tax payer and be hazardous to your health all at the same time.

If these cats and wolves were cars, they would have been re-called and outlawed years ago... wait a minute, they were..oh never mind.

Speaking of years ago, maybe 12 to 15 years, I've forgotten. They had around 16 sub-species of Polar bears listed.

Intensive Polar bear studies had been limited then due to the wide range and remoteness of their habitat as well as the limitaions of the equipment wildlife bioligist had to work with at the time.

Well along came long lasting batteries which the biologist promptly put to use in the radio tracking devices they were using in polar bear studies.

Well guess what they learned?

They collared and tracked a female bear which decided to take a little journey.
She walked around the top of the world, her travels took her through every area Polar bears existed and she eventually returned to the location they had first started tracking from, the miles she covered were either 1300 or 1600 best I can recall.

I've forgotten if is she was pregnant before she headed out or if she just ho'd around while she traveled, either way there was a pregnancy and a new born cub involved in her travels. This proved polar bears were promiscuous and were capable of sharing their sexual lives with any willing bear on the face of the earth.

Well needless to say, this study blew every idea of sub-species Polar bear right outta the water.....

So, It's my guess your right, they will try to invent another a sub-species cat they can spend millions of dollars on trying to save..I mean, why not?
It's working and very profitable for those involved in saving south Florida's newly invented sub- species referred to as the "Florida Panther".

They even have a sales slogan for gullible tax payers which is often used
in panther reports. It goes like this, "The Most Endangered Species on Earth"........

(don't hold me to details in my recalling of this polar bear study, it's been years since I had read it..I'm close...it's probably a searchable report, it had ran in the ADN.Com)
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Postby Phil » Sat Feb 09, 2008 4:18 pm

Todd wrote:
Phil wrote:Almost 11,000 views :o

Is that the most views of any of the posts?

Almost 37,000 now, about 1 year after this post.

57,000 now!
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