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Postby chief joe » Fri Mar 18, 2011 12:18 pm

~jeff~ wrote:The value of our wind, solar and natural gas alternatives may start to become clearer for some of the opposition crowd.

There is a new biomass facility soon to go on line here in Lufkin that has caused quite a stir. Will be following that.
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Postby ~jeff~ » Tue Apr 05, 2011 2:52 pm

I think the "Fat Lady" is about to sing on this one.

Yet another story of our Nuke plant has been posted for public view.

Idunno if the proper title of this saga should have been "The Death of a Nuke Plant" or "Homer Simpson Strikes Again", either could apply.

I know quite a few people that work at this plant, some on the coal side some on the nuke side.

I'm going to quote a few comments that I have consistently heard in conversation with some of these employees. Considering the source, take this for what you will, I'd rate it as highly probably local gossip.

First off, the engineer that decided it was cool to cut through the containment wall to start with is no longer employed with the plant...
I hope he finds future employment with our nuclear facilities a challenge to find.

Although I've been told this a few times I still find it hard to believe such a decision could be made in an off the cuff manner at a local level, if true, our Nuclear Regulatory Commission needs to tighten up a little.
The construction of these containments are diligently monitored and inspected every inch of the way, how could they let anyone decide to alter one after the fact without the Nuclear Regulatory Commissions engineers approval and monitoring? I want to think what I've heard is BS, if not, it's flat down and out spooky.

Just recapping a little here,
After they cut this hole in the containment to have room to slip a new boiler in, the structure "relaxed" or "gave way" due to all the structural steel embedded in the 4ft thick concrete walls being cut. Cracks developed in the concrete walls as a result.

This new fix they were attempting to make, or "tendon retensioning" as they are referring to it, consisted of wrapping steel bands around the containment structure that were "adjustable" so they were able to cranking them down to squeeze the structure back together so to speak.

Thats when the new problems they have now encountered developed. As they were tightening the bands, the concrete started cracking in new places.

From an engineering stand point the whole idea of this band-aid type fix is absurd.

Spec's for these structures are carefully calculated. Concrete structures with internal steel skeletons can be strength specific. Even interstate highways are calculated and designed for specific strength ratings. You don't just throw in a bunch of steel and pour a lot of concrete and hope it holds for the job your designing it to do.

Wrapping steel bands around broken concrete walls that have an internal steel skeleton that you know has been compromised is ludicrous. There is noway you could calculate any specific specs for what strengths may be attained from such a fix.

I just want to see how long they are going to keep fooling around with this mess until they throw in the towel.

This structure was trashed the day they cut through the wall, they need to concede and toss it in the scrap heap.

Local News wrote:Crystal River nuclear plant's restart date scrapped

April 5, 2011
Progress Energy Florida announced Monday it cannot estimate a return to service for the Crystal River nuclear plant at this time.

The utility has notified the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Florida Public Service Commission that the nuclear plant will remain out of service while it conducts an engineering analysis and review of the new separation within the wall of the containment building. Options to return the plant to service will be analyzed after the report is complete.

In mid March, final retensioning of tendons within the nuclear plant containment building was suspended while engineers investigated evidence of an additional separation resulting from the tendon retensioning work. The initial damage occurred in late 2009 in the concrete at the periphery of the containment building while creating an opening in the structure to facilitate the replacement of the steam generators inside.
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